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Sunday, September 12, 2004

CNN twitters its way into oblivion

Just saw Candy Crowley sitting next to some big blonde hair on CNN, and the hair was twittering that "coming up, is the press being too critical of Pres Bush?". Presumably, Candy was going to talk about it.

We were wondering where the Big Concern over Being Too Critical of the President resided when CNN and everyone else was doing 24 hour coverage of Clinton's sex life, reporting as truth anything Ken Starr's office leaked, etc. That, of course, is just good journalism, we assume.

So, when will Candy do a story on whether they were being too Uncritical of Bush as they simply repeated verbatim everthing this administration said about WMD, etc. in the lead up to our invasion of Iraq?

Just another sign that what used to be called journalism - investigating real important issues and trying to figure out what is going on (some kind of "truth") - is no longer with us. That concept nears oblivion, pushed there by the right wing scream squad and pushover media workers who wont stand up to them . Hey, "news" is so 80's. Now, "journalism" is just reporting what someone says.....and it does take so much effort to actually investigate whether their statement is actually correct. Better to just report they said it. Then we can add more blonde highlights in the dressing room.


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