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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Hmmm, this sounds familiar.......

Was anyone other than me feeling a bit odd about Edwards' "responses" to the questions in the "debate" tonight? I kept thinking, well, hell, boy, answer the question. Why is he going back to the campaign talking points instead of answering the question? I mean, who else , during debates for Governor and then President, have we heard answering debate questions with campaign talking points, instead of answering the question itself? I mean, can you think of anyone that would, for example, say "I believe all Americans should have the right to own guns" when asked about his policy on health care in Texas?



I just hope the right wingers are furiously screaming about Edwards not answering the questions. I hope they are furious that he kept "on message" instead of answering questions. Then I hope they remember who taught Edwards to do that in "debates".


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