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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Hope for the Future

While all of the bad stuff is still going on, there is hope for the future. Some of you know about Giblets on Fafblog! His latest post is great ( its at Breed For Jesus! at . And it brought to me a vision. Yeah, a true vision of the future world!

Today, my family live in a more or les Jesus Free Zone, meaning that while some here believe in God, not all believe in the Republican God. Thus we are able to laugh at Giblets.

All that will change, soon, as W and his Jesus Friends begin to legislate what we can see, hear, and do.

Giblets will be killed by True Christians, and within 4 years Martyred. 10 years from now, when the Republicans have had plenty of time to conduct their Civil War in earnest, a small sect of Anti-Republicans will arise, led by visions of Giblets telling them how to defeat W and his minions (W will still be president - the Jesus people will change the constitution to allow it). Within 2 years, the Gibletsian army will have conquered, and they will usher in a new era of peace, sex, and violent eating that will make of the earth a paradise.

I am now working on the color scheme for the robes that will be worn by the True Gibletsians

So, email me and order your robes now, for the low low price of $19.99! Dont wait 10 years - by then it will be too late!

Scott of the Robes


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