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Sunday, October 31, 2004

Suffer the children

British medical journal The Lancet has published the first peer-reviewed, methodological study of civilian deaths in Iraq since the invasion. Their tally, making what they call "conservative assumptions," is 100,000 -- most of them women and children.

Let's be conservative ourselves and split that into thirds: roughly one-third men, one-third women, one-third children.

33,000 children killed in your name.
33,000 children killed to keep you safe.
33,000 children killed, many of them no doubt suffering intense pain and incredible fear before they died.
Ten World Trade Centers, all filled with children, obliterated by America.
One hundred Beslan school seiges, with Americans in the black masks.

Even if this had made us safer, I would not want safety at this price. I would rather face the danger, whatever it was. Anyone who feels otherwise is a coward.

This above all else is what drives my loathing of the Bush administration, and the man himself. To kill children while assuming the stance of warriors is obscene and inhuman. Impeachment is too good for them.


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