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Thursday, January 13, 2005

Andrew Sullivan has an epiphany

Two years too late. Unfortunate that he's such a slow learner:

Did those of us who fought so passionately for a ruthless war against terrorists give an unwitting green light to these abuses? Were we naïve in believing that characterizing complex conflicts from Afghanistan to Iraq as a single simple war against ''evil'' might not filter down and lead to decisions that could dehumanize the enemy and lead to abuse? Did our conviction of our own rightness in this struggle make it hard for us to acknowledge when that good cause had become endangered? I fear the answer to each of these questions is yes.

Well, duh. Andy's attempts to give President Bush a pass on the guilt for all this are ridiculous--he claims W.'s ideas about torture were too "nuanced" for his underlings to interpret. Please. Those of us who've lived with the man (or anyone who's bothered to find out anything abut his past life) could have told you this was coming, In fact, I think we did tell you.


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