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Friday, May 20, 2005

Oh, the places I wish he'd go

The College where I work, and from which I have received three degrees, holds its graduation ceremony at noon today. The featured speaker is Scott McClellan.

This is the man who recently told the press they should be ashamed for printing unverified stories that have cost people their lives. A recent sample of his brilliance from a White House press briefing:

Q I take it that it's not the Secret Service's duty to inform the President of national security circumstances, that that would come from somebody here at the White House. Even on a personal level, did nobody here at the White House think that calling the President to say, by the way, your wife has been evacuated from the White House, we just want to let you know everything is okay.

MR. McCLELLAN: Actually, all the protocols were followed and people were -- officials that you point out were taken to secure locations or evacuated, in some cases. I think, again, you have to look at the circumstances surrounding the situation, and it depends on the situation and the circumstance. But the Secret Service detail that was with the President was being kept apprised throughout while the situation was developing. There is always a military aide that is right with the President. That military aide was in close contact with the Situation Room here at the White House, which is overseen by the National Security Council. And --

Q Nobody thought to say, by the way, this is going on, but it's all under control?

MR. McCLELLAN: And I think it depends on each situation and the circumstances surrounding the situation when you're making those decisions.

And just let me point out again that Scotty got beat up by the sister of a friend of my husband in junior high. I keep bringing this up not because I think it's funny for girls to beat people up, but because I think it says something significant about a person's character that he would 1) pick on a girl; and 2) provoke her to the point that she actually phsyically retaliates. I teach women's and girls' self-defense, and I can attest that it's much harder to get girls to fight than it is with boys. Girls are so drastically socialized to accept abuse. So I have to take a good hard look at anyone who gets beat up by a girl. In this case, it confirms my opinion that McClellan is a punk. What a sad day for all the Liberal Arts grads who will have to remember him as part of their convocation ceremony.


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