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Saturday, July 02, 2005

Deja vu all over again

For a while I thought California might pull ahead in the contest of Republican corruption. But Ohio politics keep comin' through in the clutch.

Which reminds me, the WaPo has a kind of interesting timeline of the Watergate scandal which filled in a few blanks for me (though it does leave out some kind of important events, like when the tapes actually got turned over). I hadn't realized, for example, that the Supreme Court decision that executive privilege did not cover the tapes was unanimous. The timeline includes links to the Post's coverage of events at the time. I was struck by the lag time bewteen discoveries and any widespread political fallout for Nixon. In October 1972, Woodward and Bernstein ran a lengthy piece confirming that the Nixon campaign was running a dirty tricks operation against the democrats, with FBI sources corroborating. A few weeks later Nixon won re-election by the largest margin ever. It took a while for the tipping point to be reached, I guess. Maybe a hopeful sign things still work like this, I dunno.


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