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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Famous relatives

My cousin's book is getting some book-blog attention:

Joel Schorn, a Chicago editor and writer, thinks there is a direct connection between the humility of these men and the extravagant fruit of their ministry. His new book about them is called God’s Doorkeepers. Andre Bessette and Solanus Casey were literally doorkeepers; they were porters at the doors of their religious communities. Padre Pio’s door was the door to his confessional. Miraculous healings of the spirit and body are associated with all three of them. Writes Schorn: “God waits patiently for us, just as Solanus and Andre waited at their porter stations and Pio waited in the confessional. . . . We are all afflicted in some way. If we only turn to God, God will turn to us in a healing way.”

Not surprisingly, humble people don't get as many books written about them as self-promoters. My cousin has written the perfect antidote to At the Center of the Storm.


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