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Monday, September 27, 2004

Time to change horses

Best (only?) plan so far to clean up W's unholy mess - and on MSNBC, of all places. Col. Mike Turner, who worked for CentCom during Gulf War I, starts with the obvious:
If Bush is re-elected, there are only two possible outcomes in Iraq:
  • Four years from now, America will have 5,000 dead servicemen and women and an untold number of dead Iraqis at a cost of about $1 trillion, yet still be no closer to success than we are right now, or
  • The U.S. will be gone, and we will witness the birth of a violent breeding ground for Shiite terrorists posing a far greater threat to Americans than a contained Saddam.
We'll never be as safe or respected as we were before W's Oedipal Adventure, and a lot of people will never be as alive as they were, but we can do damage control. Turner lays out a good basic set of steps.


  • At 11:29 AM, Blogger Amy said…

    I really like the idea of splitting Iraq into 3 countries. When we're not invading them, the reason (as I understand it) for continued Middle Eastern unrest is that the 'countries' that exist today are based on Western politics of the WWII era more than Middle Eastern history. Seems to me that beginning to undo that would be a real step towards peace there.


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