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Friday, October 01, 2004

Thoughts on the debate

  1. On ABC, which we were watching, they adjusted the split-screen image so the two candidates' heads were at the same level. Thus, Bush's podium took up more of the screen. Did any other split-screen image (I heard CNN's was pretty devastating - evidently it was up the whole time so you really got the full effect of W's monkey-mouthing) put the podia on the same level, so you could see how much taller Kerry is?
  2. Bush's quip about how Kerry would pay for homeland security was outrageous - look for Kerry to refer back to it in debate #3, domestic policy (unless he gets a chance earlier, in the "town hall" mockery up next week).
  3. The three-degree doctor thought Kerry's biggest blooper was his comment that "Certainty can get you into trouble." I see some people online saying that was a great line. I didn't see it myself, as one of the young future doctors in the family needed a diaper change at that time.
  4. Bush looked like a little troll doll, or the peevish Sir Humphrey Appleby from Yes, Prime Minister. I hate to impugn the late great Nigel Hawthorne with that comparison, but I think it's apt. He was like H. Ross Perot, but without a brain in his head. Just the giant sucking sound.
  5. I thought it was kinda cute that Teresa and Laura wore almost identical outfits, and obviously said something about it to each other afterwards. I thought Laura actually looked better in hers though - Teresa's seemed a little bunchy somehow. Like I know anything about dress suits.
  6. You just know that if it came to blows, Kerry could take this guy out without breaking a sweat.
UPDATE: It was C-SPAN, not CNN, that had the constant split-screen - they called it the "Debate Podium Watch." You can see some great clips from it here.


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