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Friday, February 04, 2005

Privatize your homeowner's insurance!

I'm so smitten with the administration's "cure" for Social Security (oops--sorry, now it's not a cure; it's just "more fair") that I've decided to replace all my other insurance coverage with the same system. So, starting immediately, I'll stop making those $200-a-month payments to my insurance company for homeowner's protection. Instead, I'll sink that money into the booming stock market. Then, if my house ever burns to the ground, or floods, or gets wiped out by a tornado or hurricane, I won't have to just take whatever the insurance company hands me. I mean, with all the problems insurance companies are always having, who's to say they'd even be solvent when I needed them?

No, instead of using the insurance company's $70,000 check to replace my house, I'll be able instead to fund my own replacement home, with what I'm sure will be a much larger chunk of money that my $2400 annual investments will have grown to. Let's see, if I earn an average of 5% per year, I'd have, oh, not quite $2500 in my first year! Minus broker's fees, of course.

How great is that? I'll tell you what else we should do, we should immediately reform all state-mandated auto insurance programs, and allow drivers to put the money they now pay for auto insurance into their own, personal accounts. Let them invest the money the way they want. And then when one of them rear-ends my elderly mother-in-law and she spends a month in traction, they should have plenty of cash on hand to pay her medical bills. Right?

Ownership Society, here I come!


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