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Saturday, April 02, 2005

And there he goes . . .

As Lou Dobose predicted, Tom DeLay is turning to his base for salvation, using Terri Schiavo's death as a grandstanding opportunity. I'm really torn here--last Wednesday I got a phone call from John Kerry's people asking for a donation to help with the "preserve the filibuster" efforts in the Senate. I told the caller that the spouse and I were concentrating all our meager financial resources this year on unseating DeLay instead, and she wished us luck (we've signed the petition demanding his resignation, but we'd far rather have him stay in until the election).

But these two paths appear to be converging, with DeLay further inflaming the judiciary issue to cover his own ass. How big a threat is that? Harry Reid seems serious about going to the mat on the filibuster, which is good. How big an impact can DeLay's histrionics have?


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