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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

If it's not one thing

This week we've been dealing with my son's strep throat, our new puppy, and a leaky air conditioner that is trying to warp our floors, plus various city inspectors who won't pass our new construction until we turn a junction box 90 degrees, and cut round holes in a series of boards instead of square slots, and so on. Life.

The good news is that my brother-in-law, his wife, and their two-week-old baby did make it out of New Orleans just ahead of Katrina. They are in Beaumont at her uncle's house. Chris, who is an E.R. doc, is heading back into the city today with the medical group (he has a signed pass from the governor! Whoo-hoo!) and hopes to check on their house when he gets a chance. They are on South Carrollton, by the river, which is one of the highest places in the city but that ain't saying much. But they have flood insurance, which probably puts them ahead of 90% of New Orleans, and as a doctor, it looks like he'll have plenty of work. If he's able to send us any photos I'll try to post them. I have never posted photos before because I use a Mac and Blogger has a problem with that.

I hear they are turning Tony Burger Center, near our house here in Austin, into a hurricane relief shelter. With 450,000 people displaced, they are having to spread around a bit I guess. Makes me grateful that our house is just being toyed with by inspectors. At least it's not underwater.


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