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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

They shoot old people, don't they?

For some reason I find myself trying, this morning, to form a semi-comprehensive list of the Bush administration's incompetencies and other crimes. Just working off this morning's headlines and my derelict memory, I get

Started an unneccesary war
Conducted it incredibly poorly
Lied about how and why they started it
Let costs spiral out of control
Allowed soldiers to die through arrogance
Killed civilians and lied about it
Stifled domestic dissent

Bungled three hurricanes in a row
Have apprently done nothing to even organize potential response to terrorist events
Bragged about their accomplishments

Brought about theocracy in Palestine and Iraq
Single-handedly turend Iran into a nuclear threat
Earned the enmity of virtually every country in the world
Destroyed decades of diplomacy and the treaties resulting
Virtually abandoned Afghanistan

Spiked oil prices
Given oil companiesand defense contractors huge profits when ordinaryworkers have seen a net loss in wages
Turned public education into a farce

Reduce Consitutionally-protected free speech to "zones"
Arrested people for wearing T-shirts

Spied on Americans without warrants
Denied doing so
Threatened those who revealed they were doing so
Blown the cover of a CIA agent working on WMD in Iran
Denied doing so

Stolen elections
Accepted laundered campaign funds
Encouraged corruption in Congress and K Street

Given tax breaks to the rich while poor people can't get medical care
Drawn a bead on SocialSecurity
Killed any meaningful settlement from tobacco companies
Gutted the Parks service, FDA inspection and enforcement, EPA ditto
Fired government employees for dissent

Spread the clumsiest of propaganda, domestically and abroad
Hindered medical research for the basest of political motives
Pandered to religious extremists

Shot a man
Refused to tell anyone
Spun the press into calling a shotgun a "pellet gun" and a heart attack a "cardiac event"


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