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Friday, February 10, 2006

Catching up

1. I don't believe there was an actual plot to fly an airliner into the "Liberty Tower" (sic) on the West Coast. Some jihadist probably jotted the idea down on a cocktail napkin, and now Bush thinks he personally took down an entire conspiracy using nothing but his lariat and a Colt .45.

2. There are a bunch of things Muslims just need to get the hell over. Cartoons of the Prophet are one; the perception of women as second-class citizens is another. You'd be a lot harder to torture if you didn't freak out over menstrual blood, guys. Superstition makes you weak; that's how you can tell it from religion.

3. Michael Brown ratting out the White House is pretty entertaining, but even more so when you know he first had his lawyer send a whiny letter to Harriet Miers threatening to do so if he didn't get a guarantee of immunity. Screw me, screw you.


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