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Monday, April 03, 2006

Unnatural fibers

Remember this pattern, which I was foolishly attempting to re-create in non-eye-searing colors?

Here's how that worked out:

It's two sizes too big, because kids grow. It's even a little less bright than the flash would suggest in this photo, so all in all I'm satisfied. The neck doesn't fit quite like I'd want it to, but hey, it's crochet, it doesn't take kindly to the human form. I actually scaled down the ribbing a bit, since the pattern called for two full inches and that was way too much. I mean, ribbing is fun to do in crochet (this was the first time I'd done it) but that doesn't mean people want to look at yards and yards of it. Also, I had to do the buttonholes twice, and they still don't work quite right--I don't know if this is my fault or something inherent to crochet and acrylic--the buttonhole band seems to pucker a bit no matter what I do.

I made the cloche because I had yarn left over, and my daughter looks nice in in a cloche.

After the cotton yarn I just used in the bright sweater, the acrylic was . . . different. You do feel like you can haul away on it and nothing bad will happen to it. Single crochet is already pretty dense though, so this project feels more like a jacket than a sweater.

Verdict: I may do another sewater in acrylic sometime, if I find a pattern that intrigues me, or some yarn I like. But it will probably not be a pullover; acrylic is so damn hot my theory is you're going to need some air in there.


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