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Friday, October 01, 2004

Now, this is just bizarre

Media critic James Wolcott starts his entry on last night's debate with kind of a cute conceit:
Tweet Smell of Success
Posted by James Wolcott

Birding has been slow in Cape May. Warbler action has been weak. Even Pete Dunne, local birding deity, said the other day that it was dead out there--his most recent hawkwatch had been a dud.

But this morning as I walked to the general store to pick up the papers, there were birds everywhere aflutter. Bluejays. Cardinals. Mourning doves. Sparrows of every persuasion. A peregrine falcon or merlin (I didn't get my binocs up fast enough) winging overhead. Later, at Sunset Beach, a quartet of pelicans floated over like a band heading to a gig. Some would attribute this to a shift in wind direction or a change in temp, but I know different.

Nature is celebrating last night's presidential debate.

The trees are alive with the sound of Kerry.

Cute, right? Birds don't really know anything about this stuff though, of course--except that, this morning before I left for work, a freakin' parakeet landed in our backyard. No shit. It was looking for food in one of the dog's dishes and we enticed into our own parakeet's cage before I left for work.

Hmmm . . . .


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