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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Miers roundup

I've been following the latest SC nomination with bemused interest. The fractures within the right have been very entertaining--maybe predictable, but I wouldn't have thought that the evangelicals would get all bent out of shape just because Miers is supposed to be a stealth conservative. They want an in-your-face anti-abortion pick. They've gotten greedy.

There's a good piece today in the NYT about how "the nomination of Ms. Miers demonstrated the fragility of a coalition built in part on code." Kirkpatrick also touches on the latent pessimism of the evangelical base, which has always seemed to me like a good indicator that they won't stay involved in politics long. They're too attached to their perceived martyrdom.

Max endorses Harriet, and then goes on to explain why her appointment isn't that important. ("The worst case scenario w/Miers is that she'll be in a room with eight other people who will ignore her, since we know she knows diddly about constitutional law. She will vote wrong on everything, but so will every other Bush nominee.")

And a funny: Crooks and Liars has the video of Pat Robertson calling for James Dobson to be subpoenaed so Congress can find out what he's been told about Miers.


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