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Sunday, November 13, 2005

No I was not eaten by bears

Yes, I know it's time for them to fatten up and settle down to hibernating, and Yes I know I did not post for a month, which was Very Bad. I am sorry if you worried. But sometimes I read Fafblog and see no need to blog myself. Things like When Muslims Attack! or the continuing series So You're STILL Being Tortured to Death in an American Military Prison!

Although I can't be that funny and creative, I do keep busy, what with this year's Halloween display, and various catastrophes at work, like the catering order for thirty that didn't show up, or the survey form for hundreds of instructors that was printed with a flawed point scale. These are not the kinds of things I thought I got my PhD. to deal with, but, mysterious ways, etc., etc.

In other news, Texas is now even safer than before from the scourge of gay marriage (shh . . . click on the link very quietly. The people in the picture are praying). Our school system is still unfunded, and hundreds of thousands of children are without health insurance and going to bed hungry most nights, but at least they're safe from gay marriage. Which is a good thing, since they are probably too hungry, sick, and illiterate to deal with the confusion of Billy having two daddies.

Back in the real world, things look more rational, with President pouts-a-lot plummeting to new lows in the polls, and 57% of Americans now dimly grasping the fact that the man does not tell the truth. Add to this the various GOP scandals that are now going off like a string of well-timed explosive charges laid to bring down a large, derelict building: the Libby indictment, the Miers withdrawal, continuing ripples in the Abramoff investigation, the ominous election results and succeeding panic.

Should be an entertaining holiday season, though I'd rather have a peaceful one.


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