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Saturday, October 09, 2004

Debate highlights

The debate party at our place last night was a happenin' event, folks. I'm totally sold on watching these things with a good support group. It makes the painful parts less painful and the fun parts way more fun. In fact, we're now committed to hosting again next Wednesday for the third and final slapdown, as well as Election Night. So mark you calendars and email me if you need directions.

Some of our favorite moments:

(NYT transcript) Mr. Bush Yeah, great question, thanks. I hear there's rumors on the Internets that we're going to have a draft.

Internets. The Internets. He "hears there's rumors on the Internets." Do you think he really believes in Internets? I hear there's a pot of gold behind every rainbow. It's cute. Kind of like the draft.

Someone in our audience commented that Bush actually wanted to get on the Internet, but Al Gore wouldn't give him a password.

(NYT transcript) Mr. Bush: Yeah, I mean he's got a record.

Ah, Kerry's record. My husband the three-degree doctor pointed out that the president also has a record - it's just been expunged.

Finally, there was this jaw-dropper:

Q. Mr. president, if there were a vacancy in the Supreme Court and you had the opportunity to fill that position today, who do you choose and why?

(NYT transcript) Mr. Bush I'm not telling. I really don't have, haven't picked anybody yet. Plus I want them all voting for me.

Yes, you heard that right. He's joking about the fact that his dad's hand-picked psuedo-justices were the only thing that got him his current office. I am laughing so hard! His self-deprecating humor is hilarious, isn't it? Will someone please shoot me now?

Actually, my absolute favorite moment was when Kerry referred to the Duelfer report while looking at Bush and Bush actually laughed. If I had the technological wherewithal I'd post a clip because it just blew my mind. Bush was obviously trying to project disbelief at what Kerry was saying but it was a lot like his little jokes to the press corps about trying to find weapons of mass destruction in the Oval Office. People are dying. It's not the time for folksy knee-slapping humor. Self-deprecation is not humility.


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